About Us

Mohawk Garnet Inc. is an Ontario-based mineral exploration and development company, specializing in the extraction and production of Hornet Abrasive™ for the abrasive blasting industry.

In 2013, Mohawk Garnet Inc. completed the construction of two new facilities, which together have a production capacity of approximately 1000 tonnes of abrasive per day. The combination of a wet processing plant as well as a dry processing and packaging plant enables Mohawk Garnet to direct the entire production process, from extraction to user ready abrasive, ensuring the production of the highest quality Hornet Abrasive™.

By means of a closed loop system, the 32,000 square foot wet processing plant utilizes technology to ensure that the process is environmentally friendly. The production process does not require the use of tailings ponds and water is used, filtered, cleaned and reused.

The 70,000 square foot dry processing and packaging facility, located next to the Trans-Canada Highway, is uniquely located for the final processing and packaging of the products before they are shipped to our warehouses and clients.

At Mohawk Garnet, we believe in producing a superior grade product and this is reflected in our strict safety and quality controls at every stage of our production process from sourcing the raw materials from the Earth, to processing the hard rock into a full range of mesh sizes, to packaging and marketing our material, and finally, to delivering the finished product to our international clients.

Our Mission

To service the global abrasive blasting industry with a quality and affordable abrasive while striving for innovation in processing, protecting the environment, enabling our employees and enhancing our community.