Garnet Recycling Systems

Why Recycle Garnet?

Mohawk Garnet’s hard rock garnet is one of the world’s most durable abrasives with a Mohs hardness of 8.5-8.7. Garnet has become one of the most efficient and productive blasting abrasives used in the surface preparation industry today due to its high speed blasting, low abrasive consumption, low dusting and little to no adverse environmental or health impacts. Garnet is angular in shape and fractures upon impact, exposing new sharp cutting edges. Depending on surface harness and nozzle pressure, or any number of other factors, garnet can often be recycled an average of 4 to 6 times. Certain applications make garnet recycling the preferred solution when garnet can be contained such as in blasting enclosures, field blasting sites, ship yards and other applications.

MGI Garnet Recycling Systems (GRS)

The MGI Garnet Recycling System affords you the ability to use your Mohawk Garnet abrasive over and over again for maximum cost savings. Recycling garnet provides reduced abrasive purchases along with reduced transport, handling and disposal fees. The MGI Garnet Recycling System can be accurately adjusted to achieve the optimum particle size while removing debris and dust.

Recycling and cleaning the garnet is only first step in process. With every recycle, virgin abrasive is required to recharge the garnet back to the optimum level. This is called the proper “working mix”. By including the optional MGI Garnet Proportioner to the system, the correct amount of virgin garnet is added with each recycle. For example: if you recycle the garnet 4 times then 25% virgin material is required at each recycle to maintain the proper working mix. By maintaining the proper working mix, you maintain a consistent surface profile thus reducing coating cost and minimizing coating failures in the field.

The MGI systems are engineered incorporating a modular design for maximum flexibility. Our family of Garnet Recycling Systems range in features from a basic to complex designs,which allows us to meet industry demands. All the MGI recyclers will produce an exceptionally high quality reusable garnet.

Note: In order to recycle garnet, the media must be dry – wet or damp abrasive must be dried prior to reprocessing.

MGI Garnet Recycling Systems will be available for purchase in the near future.